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 I wrote a little story that you all can read.

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PostSubject: I wrote a little story that you all can read.   Sat Nov 13, 2010 12:37 pm

It's kind of silly because Paisley and Aiden aren't even real people let alone characters on a TV show or a movie. And they've slowly been creeping their way up to being my non-canon OTP. I ship Paiden. So I wrote a little story here:

In which Aiden teaches Paisley to be a Badass

"Can you explain to me the purpose of this night out?"

Cal groaned at Paisley's incessant demands. When he didn't respond straight away Paisley poked him in the ribs and he nearly laughed. Luckily she didn't know he was ticklish or he would never hear the end of it. Paisley folded her arms under her chest as she reminded him impertinently, "We could be watching West Side Story right now."

"The purpose of tonight Paisley, is to teach you to be a badass," Cal replied digging through his backpack and Paisley sighed with resignation

"But I do not wish to be a bad..." Paisley broke off, unable to say the curse and Cal looked up at her grinning expectantly.

"Say it, go on," he urged her wickedly and Paisley sighed again, this time with exasperation.

"Fine," she snapped, then added a little more softly, "A badass."

"I love it when you talk dirty," Cal drawled leaning over to kiss her lips.

Paisley rolled her eyes but accepted the kiss. Innuendo number one for tonight.

"I knew I should never have let you plan our activities this weekend," Paisley commented shaking her head. Truly she should have known.

"This weekend is a crash course in making you as badass as I am, sit down and enjoy the ride," Cal's voice became teasing as innuendo number two reared its head.

Cal handed her something and Paisley looked down at what she held and dropped onto the grass, appalled.

"I am not doing this, it's juvenile," she huffed standing up but Cal grabbed her arm and dragged her back down into the bushes with him. Paisley fell haphazardly into his lap.

"Newsflash Hun, we are juveniles," Cal reminded her grinning as he handed her the toilet paper again and Paisley raised her eyes to the sky. The things she did for him and his cute smile.

"Whose house is this anyway?" Paisley asked not recognizing the house and Cal grin widened mischievously.

"That's for me to know," Cal wiggled his eyebrows at her, handing her another couple of rolls of toilet paper. Paisley looked out of place with the armful of toilet rolls, her eyes looking around like she was sure they would be caught at any moment.

"So we just, throw the toilet paper all over the trees and bushes," Paisley clarified what he had explained to her three times already and Cal grabbed his own rolls of toilet paper, leaning out of the bush a little to make sure that the lights were turned off inside the house. They were. It was go time.

"It's called TPing, it's fun," Cal assured her then he stood up and jerked his head towards the front yard, "Come on babe."

When they had created their masterpiece they ran back to Cal's truck which he had parked around the corner and Paisley's eyes were shining with excitement. As soon as they reached his truck she grabbed Cal by the collar of his shirt and smashed her lips to his, swirling her tongue into his mouth. Cal quickly maneuvered her so that her back was pressed up against his truck, pressing their bodies together, loving the feel of her chest against his chest. He wasn't sure what his favorite part of her body was yet, but legs and boobs were pretty much equal right now. Paisley pulled away from him, looking suddenly shy and embarrassed about her lack of restraint. Paisley wasn't into PDA's. She nervously looked around to see if anyone saw them, but of course it was nearly midnight so no one was around.

"I should let you vandalize more often," Cal mused thoughtfully, dipping his head to kiss her again and Paisley giggled against his lips.
Saturday Morning

"I do not have a gun license," Paisley stated staring at the large contraption that Cal was offering her and Cal rolled his eyes.

"You don't need one, it's a potato gun," he explained simply and Paisley eyes it curiously.

"What does it shoot?" she queried and Cal rolled his eyes. Sometimes he had to wonder how his girlfriend could be so smart in school stuff, but so naive when it came to real life.



Paisley frowned but held her hands out accepting the gun. Cal moved behind her and helped her aim, his arms wrapped around her. His head swam as he inhaled her strawberry shampoo; Paisley always smelt delicious. Cal explained how the gun worked, where the trigger was and when he felt she was ready he stepped back, wanting her to do this by herself.

"So hold here and pull the trigger when I say, I'm just going to light this," Cal readied the gun that Paisley held then stepped back folding his arms across his chest and nodded at her, "Ok go."

Paisley aimed ready to shoot but felt decidedly ridiculous aiming for the empty soft drink can in the distance. She half turned her body to look back at Cal.

"Aiden, I really don't think..." Paisley didn't realize her finger was still in the trigger as she fumbled the heavy gun, and there was a loud bang as potato exploded all over Cal's car. Cal's eyes widened in disbelief.

"You shot my baby!" Cal stated in disbelief running over to his truck and inspecting the damage.

It wasn't too bad apart from the dint in the passenger side door. He turned back to Paisley who had the good grace to look apologetic as she dropped the gun into the soft mud. It had rained the night before so the ground was slightly muddy. She knew that he loved his vehicle, in spite of it being old and a gas guzzler. He had driven them out to this empty field and there was no one in sight for miles. He had even brought a picnic with him for their lunch so Paisley had to admit he had made quite an effort today.

"I'm sorry, Aiden," Paisley apologized softly, then gave an innocent smile moving to sit on the blanket that he had laid out for them on a dry piece of ground, "Would it make you feel better if I let you get to second base?"

Cal stared at her not knowing whether to be delight or appalled that she thought the best way to make him smile again after she shot his truck with a potato was to let him get to second base. He figured he wasn't going to waste free access.

"Yes, yes it would," he replied crawling down on top of her and Cal's hands found their way up Paisley's shirt.

Cal decided that spud gun lessons could wait, second base was way more important.
A couple of hours later after they had lunch, Cal pulled her into the driver's seat of his truck while he sat in the passenger's seat. Cal wanted her to take them 'mudding' whatever that was. Paisley was having a hard enough time trying to work out how to drive his manual truck. Her car was automatic.

"Ok babe, now grab the stick," Cal coached her, and when she took the shaft in her hands Cal gave a groan and hissed, "Oh yeah."

Innuendo number fourteen today.

"Your sexual innuendos are losing their amusement the more you repeat them," Paisley told him briskly and Cal grinned at her.

"I'd love to get in your endo babe," he whispered huskily and Paisley gasped with indignation reaching over to slap his arm and she lifted a foot off the clutch stalling the car for the eighth time. Cal sighed.

"Alright, that's it, you are banned from driving my baby," Cal declared then gestured to her to crawl over him, "Move aside."

Paisley wiggled over him in her exceptionally short skirt and Cal made sure to cop a feel as she went, which she was expecting, until they had swapped places and he was in the driver's seat and she was in the passenger's seat.

"Hold on tight darlin'," Cal drawled throwing the truck into gear before he sped through the mud and Paisley squealed with excitement throwing her arms around his neck, clinging to him.

Cal couldn't think of anything better than spending his Saturday afternoon with his girl in his arms driving around in the mud.
Saturday Night

"Ok, this is the worst of your 'prank' ideas so far," Paisley stated shaking her head at him, almost like she felt sorry for him and Cal was shocked.

"What do you mean? 'Forking' is a classic prank, we did it to Chord one year and he seriously thought that his garden was growing plastic forks, it was hilarious," Cal chuckled at the memory and Paisley had to smile knowing that poor gullible Chord would have fallen for that. Cal leaned across and straightened the baseball cap that he had given her for the escapade, tucking her hair back behind her ear and kissing her before explaining importantly, "Forking is like a rite of passage to becoming a badass, it's the final step."

Paisley didn't care much for forking, she would much rather be at home watching a movie and making out with him. Paisley decided to convey how she felt to him by moving to straddle him and deepen the kiss but Cal held back, holding up the forks. Making out could wait, they had a forking to take care of. Paisley knew this was going to happen and so forced herself to focus on the task at hand so that they could get back to her Cabin and spend some 'quality' time together.

"So we just stick these forks in someone's garden?" she reiterated and Cal nodded.


"Then can we go home and watch West Side Story?" Paisley pleaded, her brown eyes fluttering up at him and Cal rolled his eyes.


Later that night

Paisley and Cal were cuddling on her bunk watching West Side Story. Paisley buried her head in Aiden’s neck.

“You wanna know something Aiden?” She asks softly while tracing a finger down his chest.

Cal only answered with an angry groan because he so didn’t want to be here watching a pansy ass movie.

“A guy like you watching West Side Story is super badass.” She whispers in his ear.

He looks at her in disbelief, “Really?”

She nods and looks up at him with those large doe eyes that makes him melt. “It’s probably one of the sexiest things a guy could ever do.” She lets her lips linger on his cheek for a few seconds before she rolls of the bed to go downstairs.

Cal smiles at his beautiful, and always has been, badass girlfriend.


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I wrote a little story that you all can read.

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