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Welcome to Camp Point! Here we have teens and kids with special abilities. Or if you want to be fancy and cool like that, you could say super-power. Join in on the fun!

Camp Point

Special Camp/Home for kids with superhuman abilities
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 Camp Rules

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PostSubject: Camp Rules   Sat Oct 30, 2010 2:49 pm

Camp Rules

1. You can not kill other superhuman beings. That's just wrong and unethical.

2. Unless you are a Cabin Leader, on the battle council, or a Hero, You can not go into full battle. You can practice battles in the Arena.

3. The only time you can battle is if you're in the Hero vs. Villain Match. Which you must sign up for. [[But that's for a later time]]

4. You can't roleplay as Zan or as Chance.

5. Only Admin [Zan/Chance] can give out battle quests. And they will be given to those who are truly deserving of one, though we are always open to suggestions.

6. This is pretty much a free for all Camp, but you must have a special activity/chore every week. [[which you must sign up for]] The activities will be lead by Cabin Leaders.

7. Please Note that you character is not an expert on his/her powers. This is why they are in camp. They are training.

"Special" Camp Rules

Ok the rest are just "special" Camp Rules. Meaning: that these are just rules that pretty much every camp has. But these can be used for interesting roleplay.

1. All campers must be in their cabins by 10:30 pm, lights off at 11:00 pm.

2. You must not abuse your powers. By bullying others, using it to complete chores. Such stuff.

3. You cannot leave Camp without notifying Zan, Chance, and/or your Cabin Leader. Just your Cabin Leader only.
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Camp Rules

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