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 Charlie Dawson.

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PostSubject: Charlie Dawson.   Sun Oct 31, 2010 3:12 pm

*imagine her speaking in baby*
"What is your name?"
"Charlotte "Charlie" Dawson."

"When you were you born, little one?"
"January 1st, 2007.... I tink. I'm fowr."

"Are you a girl or a boy?"
"I-- I'm a girl!" *sniffling and crying*

"How long have you been here?"
"One year, stupid meaniepants. It's my first, I tink."
"I'm sorry, Charlie!"
"I'm here year-long, so I can see sissy. No one calls me Charlie, except Mad!"

"Brief History?"
"Umm, I was born on New Years' Day and I was crying a lot and all of a sudden I manipulated the fire in the stove and almost blew up the house. I was so confuzzled."
"It's confused...."
"Not in my world!"

"What's your special power?"
"I'm so awesome that I can manipulate fire and heat! It's so awesome I blow up stuff. I tink I'm a.... pyromaniac? That's what someone told me."

"I have superhuman vision, meaning I can see better than normal and I have x-ray vision. That means I'm special and stuff and I see though solid matter."

"Describe your powers?"
"Superhuman vision is the ability to see better than normally possible. X-ray vision is the ability to see through solid matter -- it's a sub-culture of superhuman vision. Fire and heat manipulation is the ability to control the kinetic energy of atoms to generate, control or absorb fire."

"What do you look like?"
"I have midnight brown eyes complimenting my adorable chubby cheeks and soft skin. My hair falls in bangs and it always gets in my eyes. I'm short and cute. Two feet, eleven inches and I am 26 pounds. I like wearing pj's all day and onesies, but my mommy said I have to wear regular clothes.... and shoes. I bruise easily."

"I'm the funnest to be around. I tink I'm really smartical and learned to talk when I was eleven months. I'm carefree and clumsy -- not that careful when it comes to my abilities. I don't like when people ignore me it makes me sad. When Mad's angry, she calls me 'Skunk.' I use my cuteness to my advantage....'"
"I don't get it. I love it. She's confusing."

"Do you have any pets?"
"I have a fire-breathing dragon called Flame."

"My cuteness factor. And a boomerang and my paddleball. And the evil power of Kidz Bop. I hate them."

"I can act innocent and scared. Does that count? I can read and talk well too. My paddleball skills are off the charts."

"Anything else?"
"I has a long-term and photographic memory and a sissy, Mad. Nyx is my older sister, sort of. She's like a year-round babysitter."

*She uses italics when she feels "smartical."

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PostSubject: Re: Charlie Dawson.   Sun Oct 31, 2010 3:22 pm


Ugh! Now I have to take care of a baby sister? This is just great.

Callie, you know that I had to take care you.

That doesn't count, Chance forced you to.


--sticks tongue out at her--

--sticks tongue back at her--

Charlie will be in Cabin 2 aka EWE. Her Cabin Leader is Persephone Manson.


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Charlie Dawson.

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