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 Green Jello

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PostSubject: Green Jello   Tue Dec 28, 2010 3:07 pm

The yearly Camp Point bake sale is one of the few successful fundraisers that the camp throws. There are literally hundreds of baked goods brought to choose from and the school's cafeteria is overwhelmed with cookies and cakes and pies. Everything always ends up being bought and the school makes tons of money.

So it's surprising when Ash, who is helping to clean up the Mess Hall after volunteering with some of the other Fizzies to help work the fundraiser all day, sees an untouched plate of brownies sloppily covered in plastic wrap still sitting by itself on a table. He picks up the plate and thinks he knows why no one bought them. They look kind of half-baked and they're a weird color. Ash shrugs and decides, if no one else wants them, he'll take them. He's never met a bad brownie before.

The fact that the brownies were contributed by a regular client of Chord Callahan's who thought it would be a funny joke to sell special brownies to some oblivious parent, student or, God willing, a teacher, is information that Ash is not aware of.

"Dude, what the fuck are you eating?"

Cal walks over to the Chance’s Office where he and Ash secretly hang out and play video games after letting himself into the Big House. He knows it’s past curfew and Nyx is our for tonight and he just decided to stop by for a few minutes before he has to meet up with Paisley for their date. Ash's sitting in front of the TV playing a video game and chewing slowly while a plate of something greenish and slimy looking sits on the floor by his leg.

"They're brownies," Ash says, not taking his eyes off the TV.

"Those are brownies? They look nasty."

"I know," Ash says, shrugging, "but they're not bad. Have one."

Cal gives him a disbelieving look, but he grabs a piece off the plate and takes a bite. "Hmm," he mumbles and he grabs a bigger piece and stuffs it into his mouth. "They're good."


The boys eat more brownies and Cal grabs a controller to join Ash's game and he loses track of time and sort of forgets that he's supposed to be somewhere tonight.


Paisley goes to Aiden’s cabin ready to give him the fight of his life if she finds out he forgot about their date and is just sitting in his bunk. His sister answers the door, though, and says that Aiden left a while ago and then Paisley starts to worry. She calls his phone for the umpteenth time and still doesn't get an answer. She drives around trying to think where he could be and it finally occurs to her that he must be at he and Ash's hangout.

When she starts going around to confirm where he is and sees the light shining through the door of Chance’s Office in front of the Big House her worry disappears and her anger is renewed. She rings the doorbell and knocks on the front door. When no one answers, she pounds on the door and starts repeatedly hitting the doorbell.


Ash and Cal are lying head-to-head on the floor in the middle of the basement. Ash's mesmerized by the digital video game man on the TV screen that's just standing there staring back at him. He knows the man won’t move unless he pushes the buttons on the controller, but he can't remember which buttons do what. Plus he thinks if he waits long enough the man might start talking to him. That would be cool.

Cal's eyes are closed and he's humming along to the song he's making up in his head. He hears bells and a banging noise and thinks that this is the most awesome song he's ever heard. He should be writing this down.

Ash gasps and sits up quickly and looks down at Cal wide eyed. "Dude, what was that?"

"What was what?" The bells start chiming again and again and Ash turns his head trying to figure out where the sound is coming from. Cal sits up and looks at him closely. "You can hear the bells in my head?"

Ash leans closer to Cal and listens. The bells ring again and Ash shakes his head. "It's not you. Listen." Cal still thinks the sound is coming from his head, but then Ash starts giggling. "It's not you. It's the doorbell."

Cal listens harder and, when he realizes Ash is right, he starts giggling too. They both lay back down on the floor and after a few minutes, Cal asks, "Why won’t they stop ringing?"

Ash sits up quickly again. "Somebody's here."

Cal sits up and looks at him fearfully. "Oh, no, we're busted, dude."

"For what?" Ash asks worriedly.

"I don't know, man, but this is bad. We gotta hide." Cal gets up and starts pacing around the living room and looking behind the couch and the chairs for a hiding place.

"Wait, wait, wait," Ash says, flapping his arms and trying to calm them both down. "Maybe we should just answer the door."

"Are you crazy?" Cal yells and he pulls a curtain by the window over himself.

"No, man, it'll be okay," Ash says reassuringly and he stands up. "We'll go together. It'll be fine."

Cal peeks his head out and asks, "Are you sure?"

"Yeah, come on, dude," he replies and he grabs Cal's arm and makes him come with him.

They walk through the room slowly, Ash still holding onto Cal's arm tightly and Cal pulling on the back of Ash's shirt ready to dart at the first sign of danger. The doorbell is still ringing and the pounding is getting louder. Ash stops short and looks back at Cal.

"Do you hear that?"

Cal thinks he still means the doorbell, but then he hears the voice screaming underneath that. His eyes get big and he says, "Paisley!"

"We're saved!" Ash yells.

Paisley's fist is starting to hurt from banging on the door, but she keeps it up along with pressing the doorbell. She knows that Aiden is in there and that Ash is protecting him. They're both being immature idiots because they know Aiden screwed up.

"Open the door!"

Suddenly the door flings open and Paisley jumps in surprise. Ash stands in the doorway looking at her like he's about to cry and then he steps toward her and engulfs her in a giant bear hug.

"Oh, Paisley, I'm so happy it's you."

"Ash?" she asks, while trying to not suffocate. "What's wrong with you?"

He lets her go and steps back and says, "Hurry, come inside."

She does as he says, but she looks at him worriedly. Once she's inside another set of arms wrap around her and it takes her a second to realize it's Aiden. "You're not going to be forgiven that easily," she says angrily.

He moves back and puts his hands on her face and squeezes her cheeks uncomfortably. "It's really you," he whispers, amazed.

She reaches up and pulls his hands away and looks at the weirdly relieved expression on his face and then she looks over at Ash who has the same look. "What is wrong with you two?"

"We thought you were someone else," Ash says quickly. "But you're not. You're you. And that's so much better 'cause you're cool. You're great. You're Paisley. You like to cheerlead and you like to talk a lot and sometimes you're annoying, but then sometimes you're not. But you're awfully pretty. That's probably why Cal loves you. Plus you're nice and your hair is really long and I like your shoes. I gotta go check on the video game man."

Paisley's mouth drops open and she watches Ash walk back into the living room. Aiden is staring at her and she grabs his arm and says seriously, "Okay, really, what is wrong with him?"

Aiden's face stays blank for moment as he stares at her and then he breaks into a smile. "You are pretty."

"Aiden," she whines because this is starting to freak her out. "This is not normal. What did you guys do?"

"Nothing," Aiden says sincerely and the way he says it makes Paisley think she's just caught a glimpse of the innocent little boy he must have been at some point in his life. "We were just playing video games and eating the brownies and then Ash didn't want to play anymore and I got really sleepy and I heard a song in my head and then I thought someone was coming for us and I hid behind the curtain." He takes a deep breath and moans, "I feel really weird, baby."

Paisley nods, still feeling incredibly distressed by the behavior of Ash and Aiden, but she tries to stay calm. "It's all right. Come on, let's go into the living room."

She walks Aiden to the couch and he flops down onto it looking nervously around him while Ash stands in front of the TV moving his head from side to side and squinting his eyes at the image of a man on the screen. She spots a plate on the floor with some crumbs still on it that must be left over from the brownies Aiden mentioned. She picks it up and a certain smell hits her.

She doesn't know exactly what marijuana smells like, but she knows what brownies are supposed to smell like. Judging by the behavior of her boyfriend and his best friend, these were not a normal baked good.

"Where did you get these?" she asks Aiden and he looks up at her dazedly and points at Ash. "Ash," she says, but he doesn't turn away from the TV screen. "Ash. Ash!" she yells, pushing his shoulder. He finally turns around and looks at her. "Where did these come from?"

He looks confusedly from her face to the plate and back again. And again. "From the bake sale," he says and he looks at her sadly. "I'm sorry we didn't save you any."

Paisley sighs and puts the empty plate on the coffee table. Ash goes back to watching the TV and Aiden starts humming. She had planned on going on a nice date with her boyfriend tonight. Instead it looks like she's going to be babysitting.


"Don't step on me, Ash! I'm not a bug yet!"

Paisley's sitting in a chair with her legs crossed and her arms folded looking miserably at the scene around her. She tried to control them, to keep them calm, to stop them from behaving like morons, but it's clearly out her realm of capabilities. Now she's just watching them and trying to keep them from hurting themselves. They've gone from being practically comatose to laughing continuously at absolutely nothing and now they're acting like hyperactive puppies.

She has no idea how this particular game started, but apparently they think that they're going to turn into bugs. Aiden is crawling around the floor waiting eagerly for his transformation to begin.

"Paisley, will you turn into a bug, too?" Ash asks excitedly while watching Aiden make another turn around the coffee table. She glares at him knowing full well that her angry expressions have absolutely no affect on either one of them right now.

"No, Ash, I will not," she says flatly.

"That's too bad," he says, shrugging. "Maybe I won’t either. Maybe I'll turn into a giant spider."

She doesn't have the patience to explain that that's technically a bug and it doesn't matter anyway because now he's chasing Aiden around the table.

"Cal, if you turn into a bug b'fore me I'm gonna eat you!"

And then the giggling commences once more.


Paisley eventually runs out of the energy to keep watching them. She tries to get them to lay down and possibly go to sleep, but as soon she gets one of them to sit still the other one gets up and starts roaming around again. She makes them swear not to leave the living room and she tells them she's going to rest and they need to be quiet. To her surprise they actually listen and she falls asleep.

"Hey, Paisley?"

She takes a sharp breath and wakes up feeling disoriented. She sees Aiden kneeling next to the couch looking at her eagerly. She remembers where she is and she pushes herself up onto an elbow to see where Ash is. He's sitting on the floor on the other side of the room putting on a puppet show for himself with his hands. He looks far too entertained by it.

She drops back down on the couch and says sleepily, "What, Aiden, what? I'm trying to sleep!"

He moves closer to her and rests his chin on the couch. He reaches up and runs his fingers through her hair and for a moment she thinks he's actually very sweet and she hopes this means he's sobering up.

"I was just thinking about green Jello," he says quietly.

"Green Jello?" she asks bitterly.

"Yeah, how do they do it?"

"Do what?"

"Make it green."

Paisley groans and rolls over facing away from him. "I don't know, Aiden, I'm going to sleep."

She's starting to drift off when she hears him ask again, "How do they make it green?"



She opens her eyes and both Ash's and Aiden's faces are just inches from hers. She screams and stands up quickly and immediately gets a head rush. She's breathing fast and trying to slow down her rapid heartbeat when she looks over and sees that Ash and Aiden haven't moved.

"What?" she asks worriedly. "What happened?"

"We're hungry," Aiden whines.

"Yeah, there's no food here," Ash says anxiously. "I think we're gonna starve."

Paisley sighs and rubs a hand over her forehead. "You're not going to starve. Did you look in the kitchen? I'm sure Chance keeps plenty of food in there."

Ash and Aiden look at each other confused.

"He has a kitchen?" Aiden asks.

"Oh yeah," Ash says happily and he stands up and starts walking out of the room. "It's awesome."

"Dude, he is so lucky," Aiden says, following him. "Do you think he has any green Jello?"

Paisley watches them dumbfounded as they walk away. She thinks about going back to sleep, but then she decides she may as well join them. Just because she's not as high as a kite doesn't mean she can't enjoy having the munchies too.


At two o'clock in the morning, they're finally both asleep. She helped Ash go across the hallway to Chance’s room and he giggled some more and told her she was pretty again and then thanked her for rescuing them. He was asleep before she turned the light off and closed his door.

Aiden passed out on her spot on the couch, but she wasn't tired anymore anyway. She's sitting on the floor in front of him trying to play the video game Ash left running. She's not very good at it, but she likes being able to make the video game man run around and jump and kick things. She feels Aiden touch her shoulder and she puts the controller down and looks at him.

"I had a weird dream," he says and she can tell he's not fully awake yet.

"I'm sure you did." She gets up and sits on the couch and leans over and kisses him.

He smiles and asks, "Am I still dreaming?"

"No, and I need you to listen to me, okay?" He nods, still smiling. "I know that you are aware of what marijuana smells like Aiden McAlistar."

His smiles fades and he shrugs sheepishly. "Baby..."

"Don't even. You knew what was in those brownies and you ate them anyway and you let Ash eat them. And, by doing so, you stood me up and then I had to spend my evening taking care of your pathetic asses." Aiden smirks and she knows it's because she cussed. "No smiling. You owe me so big. I can't even explain how big. You will never fully fathom how big."

"All right," he says, moaning a little and he slides his hands under her arms and pulls her up so she's lying on top of him. "I owe you big."

He wraps his arms around her waist and kisses her hard and she curses herself for not being able to stay mad at him. But then, maybe this is the perfect way that he can pay her back.


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Green Jello

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