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Welcome to Camp Point! Here we have teens and kids with special abilities. Or if you want to be fancy and cool like that, you could say super-power. Join in on the fun!

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Special Camp/Home for kids with superhuman abilities
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 We need more Nash, fo' real.

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PostSubject: We need more Nash, fo' real.   Mon Dec 27, 2010 7:07 pm

Ash hadn't seen his girlfriend for a while and it's beginning to worry him. He had to return the pants because they were cheap and ripped, so he plans on going off campus. Since Christmas, he hasn't heard from Nyx and his worries are getting worse.

"Umm. Receipt?" the young woman at the eyes him. Asher hands her the crumpled paper, "Look, I already have a girlfriend." the woman--"Natalie"--tilts her head in confusion, as he walks off.

~I got bored. xP
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We need more Nash, fo' real.

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