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 Ryan Johann 'RJ' Quan

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PostSubject: Ryan Johann 'RJ' Quan   Wed Dec 22, 2010 7:51 pm

Ryan Johann Quan ‘RJ’ or the ‘Situasian’


Ryan is 18, born on April 28, 1992


He is a male, obviously. Did you need to take a peek in his pants to find out?

Years in camp:

This is following new year is going to be his first year at camp.

Year Around or Summer:

He will be staying at camp year around, but sometimes during holidays he goes back home to visit his family.

Relationships (Past/Present):

He is best friends with Paisley Lennox. He is currently in a relationship with a girl back home.

Brief History:

As mentioned before, he is best friends with Paisley. They met through a friend. She was fourteen and he was sixteen. He was dating a friend of hers. They shortly broke up afterwards. But they only started hanging out because of church. He has to work with her for a bake sale and he used to sit behind her during church and he would irritate her. They’ve pretty much been best friends ever since. He’s from the one small town in Wyoming. His parents knew that he had powers from the day he was born because his whole entire family pretty much has the same power, and it’s been passed on from generation to generation. Although he was raised in Wyoming, he was born in Costa Rica. He was raised in Costa Rica for 5-6 years before moving to Wyoming. RJ is a descendant from Chinese and Filipino. He is baptized as a Christian, but he is questioning his beliefs. He doesn’t have an accent, but Spanish was his first language, before he was taught any Mandarin or Tagalog.

Special Power:

He’s an emotional empath just like the rest of his family. He has the ability to channel the emotions of others and able to feel it as well. He can tell what others are feeling and what they’re emotions are. He’s able to control his power.

Sub-Power (if needed) :

Telepathy- He’s able to read the minds of other people, he just chooses not to. He thinks that it’s an invasion of privacy.

Physical appearance:

Ryan has common characteristics of the Chinese and Filipino. He has not so squinty dark chocolate brown eyes. He has a midtone Asian skin color. He’s very well muscle toned. Like VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY well. He has long jet black hair. He’s tall for an Asian which breaks the stereotype of Filipinos, being 6’0”. He has a funny smile and grin.


RJ can be irritating and obnoxious most of the time. He’s pretty cocky and jokingly likes to talk about himself, but he has the best intentions at heart. He’s very overprotective of Paisley and sort of acts as her big brother. Even though he believes his power of telepathy is an invasion of privacy, he likes to be all up in Paisley’s business. But that’s only just because he wants to be there for her and help her out with all the drama. He’s sarcastic and can be sort-of a jerk sometimes. But he does have a sweet and soft side to him.


He’s a very skilled dancer. He’s been dancing since he was like four or something. He’s good at giving adive and understanding and listening to people.


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Ryan Johann 'RJ' Quan

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