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 One long night

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PostSubject: One long night   Mon Dec 20, 2010 11:22 pm

I just arrived at the dance, I was excited to see who would win king and queen even though I feel bad that I didn't vote. Mostly because I don't really know anyone that would want to win anyway so maybe it was for the best. Sighing I start to play with my dress, I never really understood the point of a dance. Everyone always has someone to dance with and they all go about on their merry ways skipping and twirling and all that other good stuff. And I stand all night long looking at the wall. Then again I'm only here to watch the drama unfold, maybe if I'm lucky make a friend or two. Who knows what can happen at a dance right?

I watched in silence as others danced and at my spot I sort of twirled and moved just a little bit not too much, but just enough to look like I was doing something. I hate to admit that this was my first dance with the camp, all the other ones had come on some bad nights. Oh well what's in the past is gone anyway.
After a few minutes I found myself able to sing along with a few songs and actually started to get into it. Which is completely and entirely a crazy notion seeing as I feel like I look like a flower in the wind when I dance, but not in a good way. Maybe I should have said a dead flower in the wind.

By now I was fully dancing and I couldn't care if I was dancing wrong until that is someones foot accidentally came out in front of mine and I fell down a few feet away. While laying on the floor I started to laugh. I can't believe I tripped, I can be so clumsy sometimes. Shaking my head I tried to get to my feet until I realized I was wearing heels, which is a rare occurrence. So I couldn't stand because my shoes kept slipping, which started more laughter to spill out of my mouth. This was going to be a long night.
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One long night

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