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 Jonathan Lucas Williams

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PostSubject: Jonathan Lucas Williams   Fri Dec 17, 2010 11:46 pm

jonathan lucas williams

Name: Jonathan Lucas Williams

Age/birthday: Seventeen, September 21, 1993 (really 21)

Gender: Male

Years in camp: Two Years

Year Around or Summer: Year Around

Brief History: Jonathan was always a lucky guy. It all started when he was given the ability of invisiblity, something his parents were very pissed that he got to begin with. Of course, he became fairly well at controlling his powers, and happens to love them. His parents were always pretty supportive when it comes to his abilities and such. Neither one of his parents have powers, hence why he's always thinking he's some sort of freak or something. When he asked his parents if he could go to Camp Point, they automatically agreed to let him. Jonathan is an FBI agent sent to Camp Point to stop an evil force. Right now, his partner is Harmony Young. He's really 21 years old, and has to put up an act of being a normal seventeen year old with powers. He is trained in self-defense and isn't afraid to kill someone. He's been working for the government since he was fifteen years old.

Special Power: Invisibilty

Sub-Power (if needed): Superhuman Reflexes

Describe Power(s): Invisibilty is the ability to render ones self invisible to the naked eye. Superhuman reflexes is the ability to react faster than a normal human.

Physical appearance: Jonathan has always been one tall dude. He's never looked fit, or even really skinny, he's just been average looking guy. His skin is kind of a paleish color, but it tends to tan in the sun. He has dark dark hair, that he generally spikes the front of, to make it look just right. Usually, he wears darker colors, because he has a more loner personality than he lets on.Something you won't notice about him is the scars that he has on his legs and arms. They're from many times he had on missions. ((OOC: That really really sucked, but I'm sick so back off. xD))

Personality: Jonathan is probably the most lonely person you can meet. He doesn't exactly like people, and isn't afraid to show that. Of course, if you're nice to him, he won't hate you -- that much. There are very few people he can stand. Other than that, he tends to be quiet and be alone. He doesn't see there being any reason why he is not allowed to be alone whenever he feels like its necessary.

One thing not a lot of people know about him is that he likes to draw. Its one of the only things he's good at. He sometimes doesn't like to tell people about his ability to draw, because he'll think people will make fun of it. He tends to draw people, and then not tell them that he drew them, because its more entertaining for him that way. As an FBI agent, he is stone enough to where he can kill someone without even blinking. He's learned not to have that much of a conscious. He likes to pick fights, and often times, you hardly can tell if he's being serious of not.

Pets: None.

Weapons: A knife and a gun.

Talents: Drawing fighting, killing

Other: Bloop.

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PostSubject: Re: Jonathan Lucas Williams   Fri Dec 17, 2010 11:57 pm


Jonathan shall be in Cabin 3 aka Fizzies :]


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Jonathan Lucas Williams

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