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Welcome to Camp Point! Here we have teens and kids with special abilities. Or if you want to be fancy and cool like that, you could say super-power. Join in on the fun!

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Special Camp/Home for kids with superhuman abilities
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 Lauranne Hillis

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PostSubject: Lauranne Hillis   Sun Dec 12, 2010 10:02 am

Name:Lauranne Hillis
Age/Brithday: 13/ 11/11/97
Gender: Female
Years at camp: frist year
Yearround or Summer: yearround
Relationships past/present: Past, a regular boy named Alex
Brief History: Lived with her mom, step-dad, 2 step-brothers Shane and damon, and 2 step-sisters Jasmin and Brooklynn. Wasn't like normal kids, but she did have friends. She did meet her biological dad, step-mom and step-brother Andy.
Special power: Animal comunication
Descibe power: Can hear what animals say and they can understand her.
Physical apperance: Regular height, paleish-pink, blue-green eyes, freackles, dark brown hair with some what of a reddish tint, averge wieght her age and can be seen in just about anything she also has a scabing scar from an eraserburn.
Personality: If you met Lauranne she would have your head spinning. Despite her looks she had gone emo at one point with easerburns, gone hippie and many other things. She is nice and smart but isn't the greatest when it comes to dating. She hates math with a passion but loves history. She does have a history of getting into fightd when some one threatens her, her family,friends or pet.
Pet: A puggle (Mix between a pug and a beagle) puppy named Max. Max is a girl puggle, with a squshed face, lean body and amazing sence of smell and athlitcs. Though that doesn't mean she won't curl up on your lap.
Wepans: a knife and bow with a full quiver
Other: Gets very mad when peaple call her Lauran instead of Lauranne. She like '80's and '90's music with some modern and even older music.
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PostSubject: Re: Lauranne Hillis   Sun Dec 12, 2010 12:49 pm


Welcome to Camp Point!

Lauranne will be in Cabin 1 aka Mentalities. My character, Nyssa 'Nyx' James, will be your CL. (Cabin Leader)


~Ryan Johann 'RJ' Quan (18)~
Emotional Empath
~Silas Ravendale (18)~
~Callie Madison 'Mad' Dawson (5)~
Superhuman Strength
~Ethan 'Hollywood' Sweetheart (20)~
Water Manip
~Nyssa 'Nyx' James (CL:Mentals-18)~
~Aerilyn Rivera (20)~
Substance Shifter
~Harmony 'Crazy' Young (16)~
~Paisley "Lenny" Lennox (16)~
Light Manip and Phaser
~Landon Morgan (CL: Undies-18)~

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PostSubject: Re: Lauranne Hillis   Sun Dec 12, 2010 12:50 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Lauranne Hillis   

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Lauranne Hillis

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