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 Something I Wrote

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PostSubject: Something I Wrote   Tue Nov 30, 2010 11:42 pm

Okay, well right now, I'm obsessed with Kingdom Hearts -- which is a bad thing for all of you. Anyways, I started an Alternate-Universe of it, and I have the beginning of it and I really like it. I just wanted to know what you all thought/I wanted to share it with people I know can appreciate a well written piece of work. And no, you don't need to know anything about the game in order to read this.

My life, well it hasn't really been the greatest. In fact, its majorly sucked. Having a cousin who everyone loves and adores; being an only child and feeling like the burden of your two loving parents, and of course, having no hand-eye-coordnation at all. Now, you may be wondering what those random things have to do with my life being the definition of bad lives, well I'm about to tell you.

Overall of that, I have learned to be a fairly good student. I never really got any grade under a B, and even then I always managed to final out the grade to an A. The only class that proved to be difficult was physical education, and well, it never was easy. Can you blame me though? After all, my ability to do anything physical was none, zero, zelch.

Now, you may wonder how I got into the predictment I am in, but you see, it wasn't really my fault. All I had been doing was minding my own business, and somehow I ended up in the middle of my cousin's mess. In the end, I didn't blame Kairi. She didn't mean to bring me into what was going on with her boyfriend. Sometimes, I wonder what would of happened had I not of moved in with Kairi when she felt her entire world was falling apart.

It was a warm day in July when I got the call. Kairi's father had been in a car accident, and it seemed that he was never going to come home. She was a wreck; I couldn't blame her. Kairi was daddy's little girl, after all. An only child, like me, she felt the burden all alone. Her mother, crying all the time, Kairi couldn't even begin to relate to her. She needed someone stable, that's why she called me.

My parents didn't even need convincing, they were all for it. My mother was so upset; her only brother would never say hello to her again. She never even got to say goodbye to her childhood best friend. Kairi needed me, and they agreed that going to stay in Twilight Town, was in fact, the best thing for all of us right now.

Even though I had lived in Radiant Gardens my entire life, I couldn't help but be so excited to stay in this new place. I always loved Twilight Town whenever I visited Kairi. It was so much more lively than my home was. There was so much more to do there. Maybe that was because I didn't live there every single day, but hey, I would come to figure that out soon enough.

Honestly, if I would of been told it would all become this way, I think I still would of come to live in this town. It was worth it. All the friends I made, everything. Making my cousin and aunt happy, giving my parents a breather. It was all worth the hassle. You might wonder what any of this has to do with anything, well I can remember it like it was yesterday.

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Something I Wrote

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