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 Mitchell 'Mitch' Andrews and Rae Kinze

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PostSubject: Mitchell 'Mitch' Andrews and Rae Kinze   Fri Nov 26, 2010 9:53 pm

"I don't really care about your feelings."
Mitchell 'Mitch' Andrews

Age/birthday: 16, born on the 12th of June.
Gender: Male

Years in camp: 3
Year Around or Summer: Summer, but he sometimes comes on holidays.

Brief History: Mitchell grew up in Ohio, right around the block from his cousin. Since they were both 'praised with power', as Rae's mom would say, the two became close friends. Mitch would tease kids and fool them with his power, which led the cousins to be less of friends. When Mitchell was 8, he started noticing that his parents were always fighting. A year later, they divorced. He lived with his mother while his father moved somewhere in Canada. When his mother fell ill, he was forced to live with Rae. Sadly, when Mitch turned 12, his mother died. Ever since then, Mitchell hasn't been the loudest kid, but he's still somewhat himself. Rae's mother got a job in California, and heard about CP. She led the two into joining the camp, which they did.

Special Power: Self-duplication
Sub-Power (if needed): N/A
Describe Power(s): Mitchell can make up to 10 self-replicas of himself. They all are pretty much under his control, and have the same brain-function as him.

Physical appearance: Mitch is a good height, 5"6, and an average weight, thought a little skinny looking. He's muscular, but not a bodybuilder. Mitchell has short, brown hair that's usually spiked up in different places. His eyes are a deep brown color with a tint of green (at least, sometimes, it looks that way). He's tanned, but not so tanned. He's a peachy color. Mitch has a silver lip ring that hangs on his left side of his bottom lip. Mitchell wears the average jeans and tee-shirt. He's growing up, right? So, Mitchell has bits of mustache growing
Personality: Mitchell is very calm. He likes to crack jokes, say sarcastic stuff, and say things in a satire manner. While he'll goof around, Mitch does this in a calm way. He never really smiles, but might crack small grins at times. He's very nice, but can be a real bitch when he isn't. Mitchell has a passion for music, and focuses on that allot. If you interrupt him when he's rehearsing music or whatever, he'll blow a gasket. Mitch is bad-ass, as well. He's never really listened well, he's wild, never really cares about anyone, and he's a rebel. However, he's kind of emotional when it comes to his mom.

Pets: N/A
Weapons: Two iron daggers.
Talents: Mitch plays guitar and is a so/so singer. He loves to play sports, like football and soccer.
Other: N/A

"I forgot what math was. It rhymed with bath, so I took a bath."

Rae Kinze

Age/birthday: 19, November 30th
Gender: Female

Years in camp: 3
Year Around or Summer: Summer, she comes on some holidays

Brief History: Rae grew up in Ohio with her mother. Her father died when Rae was only a year old. Since she never really knew him, Rae never felt for her dad that much. When she turned 5, she noticed her power. That's when her and Mitch's mother started treating them like royalty. When Mitchell moved in with Rae, she started showing signs of two powers. Then, Rae's mother noticed that Rae wasn't the brightest. She started to say weird comments, and her mother put Rae in special classes. She's throw fits about it, so her mother quickly took her out. Once they moved to California, Rae agreed to go to CP.

Special Power: Animation
Sub-Power (if needed): Telepathy
Describe Power(s): Rae can turn inanimate objects into life (not like heart and brain and all, but they can walk and have personalities), and they're under her control. Rae can also read minds of people.

Physical appearance: Rae is average height, around 5"6. She's rather skinny, though, but with curves. Her blonde hair flows down her head, stopping after her shoulders. Strands of brown hair blend in nicely with her full head of hair. She has a beautiful shade of blue eyes that seem a little... stretched. Her pale skin matches nicely, though, it is a little tanned. Rae likes wearing blouses and regular tees, and of course, skinny jeans. She can be fancy, but prefers simple. Rae has a birthmark on her back that's shaped a little weirdly.
Personality: Rae is friendly to some. Others, she tries to take control of. Rae is sort of funny, but not cracking jokes all the time. Rae. Is. Dumb. She'll have outbursts of stupid things daily. Most of the things she says never make sense. Rae gets confused easily, and doesn't ever know it. She can sometimes say smart things, but barley. Her voice is dull when she speaks, which makes her seem even more dumb when she says dumb things. Rae might not have lots of friends, but she holds on tightly to the ones she has. Rae can also be a flirt at times.

Weapons: You probably wouldn't trust her with one, but a 4"1 long, iron sword.
Talents: Rae is an excellent singer and dancer. She is good with gymnastics and cheerleading things.

-Koraline 'K' Evans-
-Penelope 'Berry' Theo-
{Yoos/Earth manipulator|15}
-Mitchell 'Mitch' Andrews-
-Rae Kinze-

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PostSubject: Re: Mitchell 'Mitch' Andrews and Rae Kinze   Fri Nov 26, 2010 10:01 pm

Both are ACCEPTED!

They will both be in Cabin 3 aka Physical Powers.


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Mitchell 'Mitch' Andrews and Rae Kinze

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