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 How To Label Your Characters

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PostSubject: How To Label Your Characters   Wed Nov 24, 2010 7:09 pm

When you title your character submission title, it'll be helpful to color them, that way Cabin Leaders know who is in your cabin.

For Cabin 1-Mentals/Mentalittes: Label them White.
For Cabin 2-Yoos/EWE: Label them Green.
For Cabin 3-Fizzies/Physical Powers: Label them Yellow.
For Cabin 4-Shifters/Shapeshifters: Label them Orange.
For Cabin 5-Nats/Supernatural: Label them Red.
For Cabin 6-Undies/Undetermined: Label them Blue.

If you don't know where your character falls under in these categories, leave the title colorless. Please note that even though you label it a certain color, Admins can tell you otherwise which cabin you are in.

Any Q's?


~Ryan Johann 'RJ' Quan (18)~
Emotional Empath
~Silas Ravendale (18)~
~Callie Madison 'Mad' Dawson (5)~
Superhuman Strength
~Ethan 'Hollywood' Sweetheart (20)~
Water Manip
~Nyssa 'Nyx' James (CL:Mentals-18)~
~Aerilyn Rivera (20)~
Substance Shifter
~Harmony 'Crazy' Young (16)~
~Paisley "Lenny" Lennox (16)~
Light Manip and Phaser
~Landon Morgan (CL: Undies-18)~

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How To Label Your Characters

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