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Welcome to Camp Point! Here we have teens and kids with special abilities. Or if you want to be fancy and cool like that, you could say super-power. Join in on the fun!

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 Callie Madison 'Mad' Dawson

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PostSubject: Callie Madison 'Mad' Dawson   Sun Oct 31, 2010 1:24 pm

Callie Madison ‘Mad’ Dawson


Callie Madison ‘Mad’ Dawson. You can call her Mad, because well, she’s… Mad.


Mad is one of the very few younger campers. She’s five, born on May 8, 2005


She’s a girl, but likes to hangout with the boys.

Years in camp:

She’s been in camp since she was 2, being taken care of by Nyx. So this is her third year.

Year Around or Summer:

It varies from time to time. Mostly year around.


I have a bratty younger sister named Charlotte. I call her 'Skunk.' And Nyx is kinda like my sister because she pretty much took care of me since I arrived at camp.

Brief History:

Callie was at daycare when she discovered her powers. The ladies were terrified and called her parents immediately. Her parents are famous superheroes and are well known, but their home indentity still remains unknown. Mad is diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia.

Special Power:

Mad has superhuman strength and she LOVES it.

Sub-Power (if needed):

She has superhuman reflexes.

Physical appearance:

Callie is a regular height for her age of five. She’s 3’6” and she weighs 45lbs. But don’t let her appearance fool you. She has some major muscle and you don’t want to be anywhere near them when she’s mad. She’s kinda cheeky meaning that she has baby fat around her cheeks. She has the most adorable smile that makes you want to go, “Awwww!” She has dark chocolate brown eyes that almost look empty. She has dark brown hair that layers. That go down to her chest or her shoulders.


Callie tends to take advantage of her cuteness. She uses it to get what she wants when she’s actually kinda evil. Not supervillain evil but evil to where she can be a bully. Even towards people three times her age. She’s really strong due to her power. But even without her power, she could kick some major assage. She’s always up for a challenge and never backs down.She's quite intelligent and clever for someone her age. But she curses....ALOT.




Her fists.




She and Nyx are very close. They’re practically sisters.


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Callie Madison 'Mad' Dawson

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