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Welcome to Camp Point! Here we have teens and kids with special abilities. Or if you want to be fancy and cool like that, you could say super-power. Join in on the fun!

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Special Camp/Home for kids with superhuman abilities
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 Landon Morgan

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PostSubject: Landon Morgan   Fri Nov 19, 2010 10:30 pm

Landon Morgan


He’s 18, born on July 4th, 1992.


He is a…………male.

Years in camp:

This is his third year at Camp Point.

Year Around or Summer:

He is year around.

Brief History:

Landon is from a small town in North Carolina. He was quarterback of the football team and captain of the chess team. He was an example of breaking stereotypes. One night, a night of a party, he was driving home really late at night. One of his drunk friends crashed his car into his, causing Landon to have a whiplash, damaging a part in his nervous system. He permanently lost his eyesight. He can’t ever see again. His mother, having healing powers, was unable to heal him. He was no longer able to play football. And he lost all of his friends due to them, not being mature enough to know how to handle his situation. He lost his girlfriend because she was a grotsky little beeyotch.

Special Power:


Sub-Power (if needed):


Describe Power(s):

He doesn’t know what his power is, nor if he has any powers. He came to camp, because his mother thought it was best for him and that she went there when she was little as well.

Physical appearance:

Landon has beach blonde hair with bangs that just go over his eyes. He has sparkling crystalic blurry blue eyes. He’s pretty muscular, since he’s played football since he was like five. He kind of has a big mouth. No really, he has big lips and a big mouth. But don’t worry, in that big mouth is sparkly white teeth that can really outshine the moon. He’s pretty much a hype beast. He wears plaid and jeans. He wears sunglasses over his eyes to show the fact that he can’t see. He has this playful smirk, when someone says something witty and humorous. And he has pale skin. He walks around with a cane. All in all, he’s a pretty gorgeous person. He’s like a model. If you asked him for his dream photo shoot he’d be in a tree house, in a wild costume, war-paint and he’d be playing with his pet dragon.


Landon is a sweet person. The sweetest he could be. He wasn’t one of those jocks that only cared about sports and was a complete jerk to everyone. He’s smart, gets all A’s. He does a lot of extracurriculars. He used to volunteer and homeless shelters and food banks. He is such a dork sometimes. He does Matthew McConaughey impressions and he speaks Naavi. The language of the Avatars? He also quotes Dr. Seuss. Dr. Seuss is his favorite author of all time.


He has a pet dragon named Harry. A man on the street gave it to him when he saw his disability.




He’s really good at chess, singing, and playing the guitar. He knows how to read Braille.


He will in the running for the Undetermined Cabin Leader.


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~Landon Morgan (CL: Undies-18)~

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PostSubject: Re: Landon Morgan   Fri Nov 19, 2010 11:08 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Landon Morgan   Sat Nov 20, 2010 12:21 pm

Oooh I love Sam and his large mouth <3

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PostSubject: Re: Landon Morgan   

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Landon Morgan

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